Women's Ministries

Need A Ministry Idea?

We pray that all women and men are encouraged to share Jesus through ministries He is giving them. Ecclesiates 9:10 NIV shares, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.” Our thanks to Kamille Ross, for compiling many of these ideas from Oregon Conference churches.

Evangelistic Series
This idea can be carried out either in a foreign country or your local church or neighboring church. Women’s Ministries can help you talk this through. Basically you will need to pray for a team of at least two to three to help you. And start making some choices (not all choices listed below).

Choose Location
The North Pacific Union Conference Global Missions office needs teams every spring. Their number is 360.816.1400 ask for Annette. For year around locations you may log onto the Share Him site run by the Caroline Adventist Conference.

Choose a Series
Use a PowerPoint like the New Beginnings Small Study Group or call Global missions for other ideas.

Choose a Health Talk
Example: ASI’s Abundant Living

Women’s Bible Study
Invite a few friends, neighbors to your home. Use something like the New Beginnings Small Group Bible Study or the Discover Bible Study Guides. See, click on departments and choose Women’s Ministries, then choose Bible Studies for ways to order these.

Prayer Breakfasts
A specific morning, once a week, once a month, once a quarter, or once a year. Can meet at the church, in a home, in a park, or at a restaurant.

Women’s Emphasis Day
The ladies of the church put on the entire church service, including the sermon. This date is actually the second Sabbath each June, though you can pick any date that works well for your pastor and church.

RetreatsLocal church retreats can be a great opportunity to get acquainted with the other ladies in your church, and as outreach. Pick a location, get a speaker or share the speaking duties with the ladies in your church, and start your promotion to the ladies in your church at least 6 months prior to the date.

The Oregon Conference has a conference-wide Women’s Retreat each year.

Love Boxes/Welcome Baskets
The ladies get together and make boxes of goodies. This can be nice to tie in to a holiday such as Valentines, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. Recipient suggestions: Students away at boarding school, college or academy; Young men and women in the armed services; The elderly in care facilities; A husband or wife who stays home caring for a spouse with Alzheimer’s; Shut-ins; All the Earliteen and Youth in your church; Care-Packages for the homeless or for new mothers; Welcome baskets for new members of the church; Thanksgiving baskets to your local firemen and police and the neighbors living around your church; Any group that needs some TLC! The contents will be geared to the group that will receive it. Perhaps home-baked cookies or candy, games or puzzles, warm scarves or mittens, any small thing that particular group might need or enjoy.

Free Dinners (page 188 of Women’s Ministry in the 21st Century—the encyclopedia of practical ideas)“Once a week, hold a free dinner at your church for the neighborhood…Serve inexpensive, nutritious meals…As much as possible make the food from scratch, and encourage the women from your church to donate their time and funds to buy the food. Advertise around the neighborhood by taking fliers door to door. At every table, place information about all your ministries. Plant women or families from your church around the room…”

Two Southern Oregon ladies saw a need in their community and have been providing a well-planned meal every Tuesday. In answer to prayer for those who come they have seen lives transformed by God's grace.

Women’s Ministry in the 21st Century
(A few of the topics in the book. Descriptions in book)

Community Discussion

  • Festival Booths
  • Single Women Welcome
  • Neighborhood Prayers
  • Sharing Christ with Others Meetings
  • Gospel Presentation How-to
  • Visiting Prisoners
  • Springtime Tussie Mussies

CURVES Field Trip
Call your local CURVES exercise club and ask for an after hours time for your church group to exercise. Then have a speaker talk on fitness or nutrition afterwards.

Secret Pals
These can run for 6 months at a time, or a year at a time. It is suggested that someone keep a list of who has what name because there are always people who move away, forget to give gifts to their secret pal, etc.

Secret Sisters
Rather than giving secret gifts as the Secret pals do, Secret Sisters give acts or service, or spiritual uplift. Things like baby-sitting for a young mother, or taking an elderly member grocery shopping, or visiting and praying with a shut-in lady.

Prayer Chains/Prayer Partners
These can involve just the ladies, or perhaps the whole church. It is suggested that no person on the chain have more than 5 calls to make. There are many ways to organize the chain to make sure no one gets left out, and to make sure the message gets to everyone. Prayer partners can be permanent, or change once a year, etc.

Small Group/Bible Studies/Prayer Groups
Small groups work for many different purposes. They can be for study of a specific book or topic. They can be geared more for intercessory prayer. For retired women or working mothers, for stay-at-home moms or singles. Find out what the needs and interest is in your church. You will need someone to facilitate the study or group, and someone to host it in their home. Or it can also be done in the church itself. Some groups may want to incorporate it with a soup-and-salad supper once a week, or something else fun and easy for the evening meal. Will child care be provided or will children be welcome as part of the group? Perhaps several different small groups, one in the day for older ladies and one in the evening for those who work, etc.

Speaker Meetings
You may wish to invite a special guest to present on a specific topic. The Oregon Conference Women's Ministry has a list of speakers. You get better attendance if the subject is a felt need in your church. Some churches have a series of these meetings, such as once a month, or once a quarter. The topics can range from improving your spiritual life, to raising children, to witnessing for Jesus, to women's health issues, to quilting!

Tea Party
Celebrating Spring, or Christmas, (or any other season) with a Ladies Tea. The table decorations are fun and can be done by the committee or a lady assigned for each table. There can be a special speaker or presentation, or perhaps a mini concert. At a "Mad Hatter" tea party, there can be prizes for the best hats in several different categories (most beautiful, most original, funniest, worst, etc.)

Theme PartiesTying in an outreach to your party can be a real blessing, both to the givers and the receivers. If it is something fun, you can make a party out of it and think of a way to share the fun with a group in need.

Christmas makes a great theme party - share your favorite Christmas story, exchange ornaments, sing carols; make Christmas boxes for a specific group, etc. Have a "Back-To-School Bash," with each lady receiving a sack lunch, complete with a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich! Play kids card games, or concentration with flash cards. Come dressed as you did when you were in school! Each lady should bring several new school supply items. Put together boxes for kids going back to school who can't afford all the paper, pencils, rulers, crayons, etc. that the rest of the kids have.

Check with your local schools and teachers and they will be happy to work with you. Have a M.O.M. Party - Motherhood or Menopause! Share your most embarrassing moments, and come dressed to fit a typical day in your life; as a rushing mother who didn't have time to put on matching shoes, or the formal dress of a business woman with a blazer and scarf and your pajama pants, etc. -- see, you can make a party out of anything! One church who has theme parties has seen a number of ladies baptized or rebaptized because of the sense of fun and fellowship they receive from the women of the church.

Ladies Newsletter
You will need a motivated person to write the newsletter, or oversee input from various sources. Cooperation of your Pastor is also important. This is something that can be mailed to every lady on your church books, or handed out at church. It can include recipes, parenting tips, stories from your members, announcements about upcoming events, a message from your Pastor, prayer requests, items for sale or services available, etc.

Moms or Parents Night/Day Out
A group of ladies make themselves available at a set time to baby-sit so moms or parents can go out. This can be for a whole day, such as on a Sunday, or for a few hours on a Saturday night, etc. Usually no payment is expected, though some churches have had a voluntary donation that goes to support a specific activity.

Some churches do fund-raising to support their activities. Bake sales, garage sales, auctions, etc. One church raises enough to ensure that each lady in their church can attend the Women's Retreat.

Network with Sister Churches
Invite a near-by church to join in planning an event together. It takes less work and participation for events is better.

Some of the most powerful ministry does not come in group meetings or programs, but with individuals, one-on-one. Being an encourager, sending notes of appreciation, putting your arm around someone and offering to pray with them, going to their home and helping with childcare or a meal, these often speak the loudest.

Most of the above ideas can be used as outreach. Invite someone who hasn't been to church for awhile to your Women's Retreat, or bring your un-churched neighbor to your "Mad Hatter" tea party. Small Group study or a speaker meeting may be a great way to introduce someone who is seeking to your church. When you have a special event for women, talk to the ladies around you in church and Sabbath school, making sure they know they are welcome. Some ladies are hesitant to go somewhere "by themselves" so include them in your plans. Help them to feel "Wanted" and "Missed" if they don't attend.

Saturday Evening Gatherings
Gather at a home for supper, vespers, and short talks addressing felt-needs determined by your earlier WM survey. i.e. women's health.

Women's Self-Defense
A three-day class. Contact the Women's Strength program through the Portland Police department. This is offered free to the community and a great way to invite the community to your church.

Care Boxes
Pack small boxes with essential items and then mail them to shut-ins, military personnel or students.

"Handywomen" Classes
Have a lady share home improvement tips. Ask men's ministry to teach a basic auto class including how to change a flat tire, change oil, check fluid levels, etc.

More ideas available in the Women's Ministries Handbook by Tamyra Horst and available at your local ABC. also puts out a book called Women's Ministry in the 21st Century-the encyclopedia of practical ideas.

May God guide you as you minister for Him.